Who are these "racers"?

We are a small group of friends from all different skill levels and countries looking for a semi-sim racing experience to race with and against each other to learn and have fun.

The car/track or general theme selection is planned beforehand and published as a "season" on this website where most of the related information can be seen, including server settings and rules for each season/race. Feel free to look around a little!

Currently, we are having our racing session every Friday 18:00 UTC if enough people sign up. We are aiming to have two races each session if there is enough time. Usually with a fairly long practice for casual (trash) talk, a bit of goofing around and mainly learning the track. This is usually followed by a short qualifying and then the race. All in all we are aiming to finish each session around 18:00 UTC.

If you want to learn more, some races also have VODs attached to them.

A little bit of history!

It started with a small but sturdy Google Sheet and less than 5 people in the game Project Cars and later on Project Cars 2.

After a long time of no racing for multiple years and a well timed Steam sale some of us decided to pick it up again and see where this road takes us, this time in Assetto Corsa.

And so the idea was to start it off a little bit fancier and also without most of the manual book keeping, thanks to Assetto Corsa's server outputting most of the data.

How to join or get involved?

We are using Discord for most of the communication, information and signups. So if you feel like joining getting to know people first would be a good start. Most of the racing related channels require a role to see though.

Things that you need to do before your first race, also available on Discord:

  • Select a racing number for your car (0-99)
  • Create your custom livery (Optional)*
  • Install the mods, liveries and tracks required for the season

* If you don't care or don't know how just make sure to tell us, we can create one for you or give you a choice of some that were previously created. There is also a very basic tutorial for it on Discord.